Way of the Cross and Holy Mass on Palm Sunday at Mulgoa 2018

The Sri Lankan Catholic faithful of all walks of life joined in prayer for the Way of the Cross and Holy Mass celebrated on Palm Sunday 25 March 2018 at the Mt Schoenstatt shrine in Mulgoa.
The Way of the Cross was held outdoors and we were blessed with good weather.  The choir led the hymns in between stations adding value to the spiritual significance of the ceremony.

Fr Chaminda Wanigasena, the Chaplain for Sri Lankan Catholic community blessed the palms held by the congregation and after the Gospel reading and the opening prayers led them to the Church Hall in procession to begin the Palm Sunday Holy Mass.  In his homily, Fr Chaminda elaborated on the Passion of Jesus Christ and its relevance in our lives today.

The celebration concluded with a fellowship with all sharing a meal and joining in friendly camaraderie, to mark the beginning of the Holy Week, on a very positive yet solemn note.

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