Easter in our hearts!!!

The message of Easter is not a thing in the past. It should sink deep into our hearts. Our mission is not simply to listen to what happened long ago but to witness it as ever present in our daily life, witness that God can work wonders even today in those who put their trust in him. God makes new creations out of them through Baptism and raises them from sin and death making them a sign of hope in a world full of discord and hatred.

We, the Church, the community of the faithful, are the Risen Body of Christ. It is in and through us that Jesus has to work today. We must be his instruments for continuing his mission.  Our Easter faith is not built on the ‘Empty tomb’, but on the Risen Christ himself.  We cannot see, but we believe and we are blessed because ‘happy are the ones who do not see and still believe’.

The Easter event then should be celebrated in our hearts. If we give Jesus the first place in our life and encounter him in our brethren as we do in our Sunday gatherings, Easter will be an everyday reality. Then we can sing genuinely: Yes, Jesus is truly risen, Alleluia!!