Celebration of the Pentecost Day and May Feast of Our Lady

Sri Lankan Catholics in Sydney celebrate the May Feast of Our Lady and Pentecost Day

 Catholics of Sri Lankan origin in Sydney celebrated the Pentecost Day and the May Feast of Our Lady on Sunday 15 May 2016 at the Church of Holy Innocents, Croydon.

Fr. Chaminda Wanigasena, the Chaplain for Sri Lankan Catholics in NSW explained the religious significance of the Day due to three reasons. Firstly, the Pentecost Day celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples of Jesus which gave them the wisdom and the courage to spread the Christian faith all over the word; secondly the day marks the birth of the Christian Church. Thirdly the May Feast of Our Lady is celebrated all over the world to honour our Holy Mother, the mother of Jesus Christ.

The celebrations commenced with the Holy Rosary followed by the recitation of the Litany of Our Lady in the classical Sinhalese chanting style which brought back fond memories particularly among the older folk in the congregation. This was followed by Holy Mass and finally a procession carrying the beautifully decorated statue of Our Lady. The choir did a brilliant job in maintaining a prayerful mood among the congregation throughout the celebration. The prayers recited and the hymns sung were in all three languages of the Sri Lankan community, Sinhalese, Tamil and English, which added to the spirit of unity and friendship among people.

The solemn event was followed by a fellowship and Lunch to conclude a truly uplifting day of devotion and shared community spirit.

The Sri Lankan NSW Catholic Association thanks all who participated in this event and helped in various ways to make it a memorable event.

Report prepared by Joy Perera on behalf of the Sri Lankan NSW Catholic Association.