All Souls Day Mass at Mt Schoenstatt Shrine Mulgoa on Sunday 05 November 2017

About 250 members of the Sri Lankan Catholic community in Sydney braved the bad weather to assemble at the Mt Schoenstatt Shrine in Mulgoa, on Sunday 05 November to celebrate All Souls Day, in remembrance of their dear departed relatives and friends.  The faithful brought flowers and pictures of the dear parted relatives and friends.  At the beginning of the mass Fr. Chaminda Wanigasena, the Chaplain for the Sri Lankan Catholic community, sprinkled holy water on these pictures and blessed them in a gesture of respect and love.

In his homily Fr Chaminda, reminded the congregation that death is but a milestone in our eternal life, and each and every one of us is created for a heavenly life.

The choir with some soulful singing added value to the liturgy and were eagerly joined in by the congregation.

A fellowship followed with the partaking of Alms (Dane) brought in by the people to be shared among all.   The weather improved during the mass and the fellowship to enable a trouble free conclusion of a memorable day.

Report by Joy Perera

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